m0re's FPS configs

I have been really busy this last week, so apologies for the fact I haven’t had any time to write up any content for you all. But fear not, I will try and get something up soon.

I will also use this opportunity to quickly tell you quickly about m0re’s configuration files. I am sure a lot of you have some kind of FPS config, but if you haven’t heard about m0re’s configs then I recommend you have a look. I find they have the perfect balance of settings to fit my tastes, m0re has a really unbelievably good knowledge of the settings.

He has a high and a highhigh version of his configs, I personally use the highhigh version but with mat_filtertextures set to 1 to turn off the pixilation effect you get (although if you are really struggling for FPS this will give a considerable boost). Also make sure to edit some the settings in the file such as FOV, sensitivity and HUD elements to how you want them. There is also a nice custom HUD which he has developed so you can check that out too if you are interested, you can find his website here, and I have added a permanent link to his site in the links box on the right.


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