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Before I get started I have one important thing to say, I want to make a really big shout-out to the guys at the TF2 Mentor Project who can be found here. Kind volunteers from the community sign up to help out lower skilled teams by imparting their knowledge and helping out with tactics etc. I would also like to say to my fellow div 1 and 2 players if you have any spare time to help out with this project you may be able to help out lower div teams more than you realise.

I have a lot of good things planned for the future guys, so when I have the time I hope I can get some really good stuff posted up here. For today though I am going to cover a small topic, but one of high importance: moving around maps and the different “jumps” available to scouts.

I often take the time to run around a map by myself, just jumping on things without any real purpose, just experimenting and seeing what I can find. I find running around an empty map like this helps open my mind to new jumps and new ways of doing things.

It's easy to get into a routine where I get stuck doing the same stuff: the same few key jumps I use each time, the same routes I take etc. This is bad for a few reasons: one it stops me being creative and approaching things from a new perspective, and secondly I end up becoming predictable for the enemy team.

Don’t jump to conclusions too quickly that spending time on some empty map practice is a silly or useless exercise. For example, something which has happened to me far too many times...

I have a soldier right in my face and I am just about to make a neat jump to avoid his rocket, up I go towards a little ledge where safety awaits me and then hopefully a fast retreat. As I climb through the air in what feels like slow motion, I suddenly begin to realise I’m not going to make it, and I slide back down onto the floor just in time to meet his rocket, damn. Making a neat unexpected jump can often buy you a couple of seconds, sometimes this will enable you to escape, at other times those two seconds will allow you to finish off an enemy medic who would have otherwise survived and could change the outcome of the round.

Other than just running around experimenting on empty maps, another purpose for being there is to practice and perfect specific jumps. I will now go over a few of my favourite jumps, some you may not know and some will be classics that everyone should know...

I will start off with an essential one, from my last post lots of people got back to me asking how to make this jump:

The trick in making this particular jump is hitting the rock on the right at the correct moment when crouched. You double jump off the ramp, not right at the top, but as you have just begun to run down it. Then you want to hit the rock and slide round onto the roof. This jump can be quite tricky, I spent quite a bit of time not understanding how to make it until I got it down consistently.

The next jump relates to my last post as well, being as it is another essential gravelpit one:

The key to making this jump is not trying to jump onto the actual wooden platform: what we are aiming for is the little wooden block which slightly extends from the side (I shoot at it with my pistol at about 10 sec in the video). Once you know that it should be a simple matter of practicing for a little while until you make it, you can easily refer to the video and watch how I do it again if you have any problems.

This jump here is without a doubt the hardest jump I know, and one probably the least number of people will know:

I really can't say how to make this jump, as I can't make it consistently. To be confident at a jump I would say I would want to be able to make it 19 times out of 20 at least. If anyone can pull this jump out in a clan war and make a kill or escape because of it definately let me know and I may post it up here on the blog.

OK, this next jump isn't such an interesting one, but it is a very important one:

To get onto the crate is easy, just make sure you are jumping off of the capture point itself as it's up higher than the floor. Then making it from the crate to the balcony is the hard part. It involves jumping as late as possible, jumping forward and twisting up right on the first jump so you are looking at where we want to be. Then crouch jumping to the ledge on the second.

This next jump is relatively well known now, but I had to put it in because I just love it. I also must shamefacedly admit that it took me ages to get this one perfected:

Practical uses for this jump? Well, it may be harder nowadays because it is so well known, and now I have posted it here it will be even better known. A while back I used to use it when defending: I would go straight to A before the round started and get up top and camp there as the enemy team capped A beneath me. Once they had finished capping and began walking off towards B I would jump off the roof and go for a medic kill. It was surprisingly effective, and even if the medic didn't die I would force uber.

This next one is another of my favourites, again posting it here is going to reduce it's effectiveness, but I hope the ones I have shown you will inspire you to find new and less known jumps ;]

I don't often use this jump, but the times I have used it I have caused even very high skilled players to become extremely confused. I then proceed to do absolutely no good at all because I always laugh too much to be able to aim anymore ;D

Alright people, that is it from me today, I hope you enjoyed this post.


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