Play to practice, not play to win

Whenever you go into a game, have a specific element of your game you will be practicing. I will give some examples of what you might decide to practice so you know what I mean:

- Practice on your focus, i.e. to stay intently focused on the game for the entire 30 minutes, down to the last second

- Aim: as a whole, or you can get really specific, e.g. head into game with the intent to practice your aim under badlands middle

- Movement

- Team-play: as a whole, or specifically practice team-play with your scout partner

- A specific tactic you worked out with your team

- To just relax, have fun and enjoy the game

Playing to practice and playing to win are different things. I think you will progress much better if you go into games with the intent to practice specific elements of your game. I think a lot of people make the mistake of going into game either playing just to win, or with the idea that they can be practicing every part of their game at once.

Now you can build up a picture of where your strengths and weaknesses lie, and turn your practice playing into a much more powerful and beneficial activity.