Demos from Monday night


So tonight I think I played really well, and had some really nice games versus these two great teams. If any of you are interested in watching the matches, the download links are from speedyshare.com, which is the best upload website I have encountered. The best games to watch are probably Game1 (Gravelpit versus Clan00) and Game3 (Well versus YoYoTech).

The least interesting demo is probably the turbine game, although if you are playing engineer yourself on this map it might be useful to you, and I do kill 3 players as an ubered engineer ^^!

Game1 | Gravelpit vs Clan00 | Download

Game2 | Turbine vs Clan00 | Download
(I am playing Engineer for most of Turbine)

Game3 | Well vs YoYoTech | Download

(People had problems watching this demo, like resolution change, be warned!)
Game4 | Gravelpit vs YoYoTech | Download

Until soon...


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