Low LOD / Picmip Hack for TF2

With mat_picmip highest value limited to 2 on match servers, you need to force the settings for DirectX using either RivaTuner or ATI Tray Tools (For NVIDIA and ATI cards respectively).
WARNING: Don't mess with these applications, they are powerful tools which if not used properly can damage your hardware. I don't take any responsibility for you messing your graphics card up! As long as you stick to these tutorials you will be fine.

RivaTuner Tutorial (NVIDIA GPUs)

Step 1 - Download RivaTuner

RivaTuner Download

Step 2 - Install RivaTuner

Usual procedure, extracts to somewhere like your desktop. Then browse to the setup file and follow the wizard.

Step 3 - Set up RivaTuner

First time you run the program you will have to wait for it sort itself out.

Once this has completed you will get to the main RivaTuner screen.

Next, click the power user tab.

Then expand the "RivaTuner \ NVIDIA \ Global" menu. Enter a value in "LODBiasRange" of 15.

Go back to the main tab. Then click on the little arrow Under "Driver Settings" next to whe it says "ForceWare detected." Click on the directX Symbol to open a new window (Pink in screenshot below).

In the new window, adjust the slider to where you want it. Put it on 0 to turn off any changes (Application will decide the LOD). 15 will be worst textures.

ATI Tools Tutorial (ATI GPUs)

(Thanks to "apy" from the ETF2L forums for this tutorial)

Step 1 - Download ATI Tools

ATI Tools Download

Step 2 - Go to settings from Tray Icon

Step 3 - Adjust LOD

Go to the "Additional" Tab and then adjust the LOD slider as desired.